How to install MoinMoin Wiki on a sourceforge project web

I spend much time find out how to install MoinMoin wiki for the cppunit project. The main obstacle is that sourceforge web servers only have python 1.5.2, while MoinMoin wiki requires python 2.x.

I found a working MoinMoin wiki on omniorb web ( This is basically the release 1.0 ported to python 1.5.2. I fixed some of the remaining portability issues (use of cgi.FieldStorage.getvalue() which does not exist in python 1.5.2), and made a ready to install tarball.

Here is the link to the tarball.

Here are the step to deploy MoinMoin on your project

You also need to edit to add the sourceforge logo as it is required. Add the following code after html_head declaration:

page_footer1 = """<hr><a href="">
<img align="right" vspace="10"
    width="88" height="31" border="0" alt="SourceForge Logo"></a>"""

You must replace the link to the project, as well as the project group_id (11795). You can find that one in the web tab of your project admin page.

Check omniorb project or cppunit project for an example of deployment (/home/groups/o/om/omniorb/ and /home/groups/c/cp/cppunit/ respectively).

You can test your wiki installation with: (replacing cppunit by your project name).

Baptiste Lepilleur, September 2003