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      Baptiste Lepilleur wrote:
    I just drop just you a line to let you know that TTR 1.2.2 is out. The support for clipboard cut & paste has been added.
    For the special indent character rule, I see a rule that would be as follows: "A line begins a paragraph is the indent string is different from the indent string of the previous line". An indent string being the string formed by all the indent character that are at the beginning of the line.
    This rules will be added (I have at time encountered that problem).
    Cool, thanks.
      The one thing that trouble me is what about the output? For HTML, it would be possible to just keep the indentation level and strip out the indent string, but what about unwrapped text ? The only way I can think to make this work is with the soon to come save as text on n columns (rewrap the text against a specified right margin).
    I realize that the main use of saving a file in unwrapped form is to later import it into a word processor, and in such a case there isn't really any best thing you can do. Perhaps surround each block of text-that-should-be-indented with some kind of highly visible markers so that one can manually indented it later (I would suggest long lines of "{{{{{" and "}}}}}}", or something similar).
    What are you planning for when converting to HTML? There's two things
    I've seen for quoting mail/news in an HTML mail composer:
    Put however many lines of indented/quoted text you have here, with the indent string stripped out.

    That one works fine but jump a line when displaying.

    That is simplest and easiest. I think Netscape uses something like:
    <TABLE WIDTH="100%" BORDER=0 COLS=2><TR>
    <TD WIDTH=5 BGCOLOR=blue> </TD>
    Put however many lines of indented/quoted text you have here, with the indent string stripped out.

    I Think I'll go for this one. The rendering is quite nice, you obtains a colored left margin (the BGCOLOR attribut). Plus, it does not jump line or other stuff. The only stuff is that we need to know the "indent" level.

    So here is my question: "Is the indent level always equal to the number of non white characters in the indent string?".

    (I haven't tested this... is it bgcolor or background?)
    One last suggestion for when printing in HTML (also untested)...
    Doesn't the tag <DD> cause the first line following it to be indented? Wouldn't that be better than a bunch of " "s at the front of a line?

    Tested it. It does works. I'll need to check in the spec. to see what it is exactly (Netscape & IE often allow non conform stuffs). Since I'm on the way of rewriting the txt and html output, I'll switch to that solution if it's "legal".

    Thanks for the tips,

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